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Influencing factors and characteristics of pe self adhesive film
- Nov 26, 2018 -

In the field of protective films, PE self adhesive film has a special advantage. This protective film is self-adhesive and easy to use. In the current protective film industry, according to the classification of the viscous material of the protective film, the coating protective film and the self-adhesive protective film can be separated, each having its own advantages and disadvantages, and Self-adhesive protective film is mainly used for products with high appearance quality.Self adhesive protective  film is generally multi-layer co-extrusion.

In fact, in the structure of PE self-adhesive film, the film of one layer is made of self-adhesive material, so it can be self-adhesive without applying glue. There are many self-adhesive materials, usually EVA or other modified materials are used for the electrostatic film. The principle of electrostatic self-adhesive is actually because the self-adhesive material belongs to high polymer, the crystallinity is low, and there are many exposed molecular chains on the surface of the film. These molecular chains are easy to fill the pores on the surface of the attached object, so that the two adhere to each other. .

The bonding property of PE to the mucous membrane is affected by some factors, mainly: 1. The crystallinity of the PE material. Under normal circumstances, the lower the crystallinity, the better the adhesion, and the higher the crystallinity, the adhesion. The worse. The degree of crystallinity reflects the density of the PE material from another angle; 2. The flexural modulus of the PE material, the flexural modulus represents the softness of the PE material, and the lower the flexural modulus, the softer the PE protective film, and the lower the PE. The easier it is to immerse into the surface of the object, the closer it is to the attached object.

In fact, in the protective film products, PE self-adhesive belongs to a new type of packaging protective film, the production process is simple, the film can be manually packaged or mechanically packaged, and the operation is convenient and simple. At the same time, this protective film product also has good physical and chemical properties, which can meet the requirements of different users. In general, a good PE self-adhesive protective film should have less crystal points, good ductility, waterproof, dustproof, high transparency, excellent temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly.

From the market application situation, PE self-adhesive film has been widely used in packaging operations such as hardware products, plastic products and optoelectronic products. Before each product is delivered, the quantity is strictly checked to ensure the quantity, length, width and thickness are suitable and used properly. PE electrostatic protective film requires strict material preparation during on-site operation to ensure that it can be used under different conditions of use.

In practical applications, the bonding speed of PE from the mucosa is one of its performance indicators, which is also an important factor in controlling cost and quality. The speed of use depends on the degree of automation of the process equipment used. The crystal point requirement of PE self-adhesive products is strictly controlled within the normal range, no black spots, no fog, no wrinkles.