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How to solve the bubble in the production of protective film?
- Nov 13, 2018 -

In the production process of protective film products, bubble problems sometimes occur, which is very troublesome. In order to solve this problem, many methods have been conceived, such as selecting a suitable ink and increasing the coating amount, enhancing the wettability of the glue on the film, improving the defects of local sizing; improving the temperature and pressure of the composite roll; and reducing the compound speed. Increase the infiltration time and gluing time, etc.

When the protective film is made, the glue and the film can be preheated and the temperature of the composite press roll can be raised; at the same time, the coating roll is cleaned to enhance the coating amount and the management of the coating roll. For the coating roller, after the new roller is used up to 5 million meters, it is subjected to aluminum plating treatment, and after three times of chrome plating treatment, re-engraving is performed to prevent the appearance defect and the peeling strength from being lowered due to insufficient coating roller.

In order to adjust the viscosity of the protective film, it is necessary to pay attention to the regular replacement of the coating roller, and the coating amount can be satisfied by the cooperation of the solid content of the glue and the coating roller within the viscosity range required by the process. And adjust the drying conditions, such as wind speed, temperature and so on.

In addition, the coating amount for producing the protective film and the temperature and pressure of the composite press roll are also increased, the rubber hardness of the press roll is increased, and the rubber hardness of the press roll is increased to between 80 and 85 °C. Adjust the angle of the "wrapping angle" of the film before the pressure roller into the film, and enter the composite roller as far as possible in the tangential direction.

In addition, moisture-proof measures are taken during the molding process of the protective film, such as keeping the environment dry, and the curing agent sealing the packaging material, etc., can also have a certain effect on improving the bubble problem, thereby greatly improving the quality and use effect of the protective film.