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How to Select the Most Suitable Surface Protective Material
- Jan 28, 2019 -
  1. Basic Functional Requirements for Surface Protective Materials

Basic functionKey requirements
Application1.Ability to apply smoothly without wrinkles or air bubbles (low temperature dependency of substrate and adhesive) throughout the year.

2.High-speed application capability.


1.No lifting or breaks from light processing such as cutting, punching, or bending, or from heavy processing such as drawing or roll-forming.

2.Film and adhesive are not affected by press oil, paint, or chemicals.

StorageHeat, pressure, UV rays, etc., do not result in film embrittlement or changes to the protected surface (no contamination or adhesive residue).
PeelingFilm peels off easily in any climate.

2. Criteria for Selecting a Surface Protective Material

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