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How to improve the transparency of PE electrostatic protective film?
- Dec 10, 2018 -

PE electrostatic film is a non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly PE film, which is widely used in the appearance protection of products. Transparent PE electrostatic films are commonly used to protect both the surface of the product and the appearance of the product. PE electrostatic film has a variety of different colors, such as transparent, blue, red, green, etc., color PE electrostatic film is mostly used for stainless steel sheet protective film, aluminum alloy and other hardware profiles, transparent PE electrostatic film is often used in acrylic sheet, marble, plastic shell And other products. In order to ensure that we can clearly see the appearance of the product, the transparency of the electrostatic film directly affects the visual effect of the product. So when we produce PE protective film, what methods can we improve the transparency of PE electrostatic film? Now let's introduce the following ways to improve transparency.

1. When producing PE electrostatic film, use high quality raw materials

2. Add high-quality processing aids to fully dissolve pe

3. Before the production and processing, the raw materials are filtered to remove impurities, and dried to remove moisture.

4. Keep the workshop and the warehouse clean and dust-free

5. Control temperature

6. Regularly clean the machine, including the hopper, barrel, die, roller

7. Control the temperature of the wind ring, the air volume is even, and the cooling is accelerated.

PE electrostatic film is widely used in: hardware industry, optoelectronic industry, plastic industry, printing industry, electronics industry, etc.