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How to choose self-adhesive stainless steel protective film and meet the manufacturer's requirements
- Nov 24, 2018 -

The purchase of self-adhesive stainless steel protective film is an important task, and it needs to be taken seriously and treated seriously, so as to avoid various problems caused by wrong purchase, and cause product waste and economic loss to the user. In the purchase process, the five factors of product origin, parameters, quality, price and manufacturer must be considered. In addition, if necessary, the product use environment and use requirements must be considered.


The choice of self-adhesive stainless steel protective film, from the current point of view, can have different ways, according to their own conditions and actual conditions to choose. In the specific purchase route, you can find the manufacturer or purchase the product through the agent, or you can select the product on the relevant industry website to select the right product.


In the process of purchasing self-adhesive stainless steel protective film, there are some requirements for the manufacturer. Specifically, it is required to select a professional and regular manufacturer, because this can guarantee the quality of the product and the after-sales service quality of the product, if the product is in use. If problems occur, they can be resolved in time to avoid affecting the normal use of the product and its use.


The self-adhesive stainless steel protective film, which is a combination of a self-adhesive film and a stainless steel protective film, has the advantage of having a stainless steel protective film. The stainless steel protective film is made of a special polyethylene plastic film as a substrate, a cross-linked acrylic resin as an adhesive, and processed by several special additives. It has softness, good adhesion and easy adhesion. And peeling, and no residual glue after peeling, and can maintain the original gloss and brightness of the product surface, without affecting the overall aesthetics of the product.