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How to choose floor film (protective film for floor)
- Jul 11, 2018 -

1, Specifications and Deviations

When we choose the protective film for floor tiles, the width, thickness, and degree of deviation of the protective film must meet the requirements. At the same time, the thickness needs to be uniform, and the thickness of the horizontal and vertical needs to be smaller. This kind of floor tile is more effective when used.

2, Appearance

Tile protective film appearance should be smooth and smooth, the surface is best without wrinkles, will not make people look uneven, black spots, impurities, etc., are protective film appearance can not have bubbles, pinholes, stripes, broken Such phenomena. In addition, we also need to look at the surface of the protective film when it is clean, no dust and oil, etc. This quality of the protective film is excellent.

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