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How can self adhesive film for aluminum be used from the mucous membrane for a longer period of time?
- Feb 14, 2019 -

Self adhesive film for aluminum products are the most common in the production of aluminum products from the mucosa. In order to protect the surface of the film product from scratches and protect the surface of the product from contamination, most manufacturers choose to use aluminum products from the mucous membrane. How can I better use aluminum products from the mucous membrane to make them adhere to the surface of aluminum products for a longer period of time?


Spray the surface of the aluminum product slightly and evenly with a cleaning agent containing no ammonia. Then gently dry the surface with a clean, soft cotton cloth or soft paper towel. The cotton cloth and paper towel often need to be wrung out. It contains pure external use on cotton cloth and paper towel. Alcohol will quickly dissolve large smudges and fatty fingerprints.


If the stain is not washed, re-spray the cleaning solution, wipe it horizontally from top to bottom with a soft rubber wiper until it is dry, and wipe the edge of the aluminum product with a towel. When using adhesive tape, sticky tape or decal paper on the above, remove the glue or glue remaining when these materials are removed. Use a soft clean cotton cloth with acetone to gently wipe off the contaminated area.


This quickly removes the glue remaining on the aluminum-plastic sheet film. A small amount of acetone does not damage the polyester film, but quickly dissolves and completely evaporates the glue and most of the paint. Do not use a hard wiper, brush, or cloth containing sand to clean.