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Hard surface protective film quality inspection method
- Jan 14, 2019 -

For the detection of the quality of the Hard surface protective film, firstly, the plastic mask is peeled off from the plastic coated silicon, and the side of the back surface of the mask is glued tightly, so that the glue and the glue are closely bonded together, and then pulled away. Note that the length of the glue that is twisted between the glue and the glue should not exceed 0.2 mm, so that the protective film is extremely unlikely to be degummed during use.


Secondly, it is also important to verify the thickness of the Hard surface protective film mask, as this parameter will directly affect the impact force that the protective film can withstand. Generally, the thickness of the mask is about 9 filaments. If deep carving is required, the thickness of the mask should be increased accordingly, otherwise it will be broken down and damage the processed object. The thickness of the mask can be measured using a micrometer.


It is also necessary to test the toughness of the Hard surface protective film. Generally, the tear is pulled from the length of the mask, and then pulled from the width direction of the mask, because some masks have different toughness and transverse toughness. Good toughness, good elasticity and elongation, and strong impact resistance.