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Functional requirements and scratch resistance of metal surface protective films
- Oct 18, 2018 -

The function of the metal surface protection film is mainly to put a film on the physical object that we want to protect. Now there are AR anti-reflective film, AG matte anti-reflection film, mobile phone mirror film, anti-spy film, high-definition scratch-resistant film. Functional protective film such as film.

The metal surface protection film is characterized by its own soft texture and easy to paste. This material is thick and has poor transparency. This will make the screen look awkward and will leave glue on the screen after tearing off. Imprint. This material is also relatively easy to yellow out with the change of temperature, and the service life is relatively short.

Metal surface protection film does not have the ability to resist scratching to a certain extent. After a period of use, its protective film will have obvious scratches, which will directly affect the display effect of the screen. Affect the overall beauty of the phone. In addition, PVC itself is a toxic material containing heavy metal components, which has been completely discontinued in Europe.

The use of metal surface protective film is also becoming more and more extensive, and its technical aspects are getting better and better. To a certain extent, it only needs to improve the quality of its products so that it will not be eliminated by society. At the same time, we are Various protective films can also be seen on the market, each of which functions differently and uses different industries.