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- Oct 09, 2018 -

At present, the protective film has a very wide range of applications, almost everywhere in our lives. So what are the problems with the protective films when we use?Kingreal will tell you about the common problems of the use of protective films and how to avoid them.

1. Surface protective film can not stick to the protected products, falls off in the transportation process. The biggest possibility is the surface protective film adhesion is too weak, and second possibility is that the user’s pressure on the film is not enough, or the product surface is not clean and dry enough, has some dust or paint on it, all these things will influence the sensitive adhesive paste effect! If there will be aimed at this problem, we have to replace the sensitive adhesive with higher adhesion, increase the film pressure, or keep the surface cleaning and dry to avoid the occurrence of such problems.

2. Surface protective film of glue transfer problem, this problem happens on the profile surface very often. When the installation is completed, the user will peel off the surface protective film from the material surface, and find the glue transfers to the profile surface, and no adhesive on the film already. This is what most users are not willing to see, because this is very troublesome, need someone to get rid off the glue from the profiles, which especially takes hard and long time work. Many possibilities would cause such kind of problem happen, most likely is the pressure of surface protective film is too sticky, when the surface protective film products in the tension is greater than the inner force, it causes residue on the profile. If this problem happens, use a small clean dishcloth dips in alcohol to brush residual. Try repeatedly, until the sensitive adhesive is brushed clean. But it is important to note that don't brush too hard, otherwise may hurt the profile product finish surface.

3. Hard to peel off the surface protective film from the profile surface. After installation, surface protective film can't be peeled off from the profile effectively. There are two possibilities, one is the surface protective film sensitive adhesive used for the product is not a special sensitive adhesive for that profile surface, if so, the effect of surface protective film at the time of paste would be very good, but will be very difficult for stripping. Another possibility is that the material surface is too soft, can't bear the tension when they shed, when stripping appears rupture phenomenon, that is very headache problem for the users.

4. Surface protective film performs good in a period of time, but on both ends could wing up afterwards. In the process of paste, the tension is too big, after the paste and in high temperature environment, appears the phenomenon of unnecessary retraction. This problem happens more in the south customers, so in the production process with the protective film should pay more attention to the effects of environmental temperature on product use, avoid unnecessary surface tension in the process of paste.


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