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Electrostatic Protective Film
- Sep 03, 2018 -

We would like to introduce our electrostatic protective film. 

Protective film is designed to protect. However, in real life, some protective film may cause

damage to substrates. One big problem of the glued film is that residue can easily leave 

on substrates because of improper use.

To absolutely avoid secondary pollution to substrates and the earth, please try the PE electrostatic protective film from Kingreal. 

Material: Eco-friendly PE

Thickness: 0.02mm-0.20mm

Roll width: 40mm-2050mm


Peel strength at 180 degree:50-250(g/cm)

Tensile strength: ≥18Mpa

Elongation at break: ≥300% 

Scope of application: 

1, Surface protection to PMMA, PET and PC sheets during Hard Coating 

2, Surface protection to PVC, PE and PP sheets and plates.

3, Surface protection to ABS and PC high gloss injection molding. For example, display case, photo frame and etc. 

4, Protection to plating surface of PS and PMMA sheets and plates.

5, Gloss surfaces of refrigerator, air-conditioning, LCD VCM panel and etc.

6, Glass products with high added value.


The adhesion is generated by the electrostatic adsorption. No glue, no risk of residue.

Easy to apply.

No deguming or lifting edge like glued film.

Good stability


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