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Control Factors of PE Protective Film Transparency
- Oct 29, 2018 -

The transparency of the PE protective film is critical to whether the product meets the quality requirements. Here, the protective film manufacturer KINGREAL Film introduces you how to control the transparency of the PE protective film:

1. PE protective film is a crystalline material that is easily crystallized. If it is not cooled rapidly, it will inevitably reduce transparency and elongation at break. The blow molding process has poor cooling effect, high crystallinity, and low film transparency.

2. Due to blown up, drafting, the molecular orientation is severe, resulting in low elongation at break; while the cooling effect of casting production is good, the crystallinity is low, the transparency is good, the degree of orientation is low, so the elongation at break is high, and the shrinkage is high. it is good.

3. Need to add an appropriate amount of anti-fogging agent.

4. On the basis of the above, a transparent nucleating agent is added.

5. The choice of raw material for PE protective film is low, and the melting index is high.


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