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Composition of the surface protective film
- Mar 07, 2019 -

The surface protective film is a special pressure-sensitive adhesive film, a natural basic composition and a common pressure-sensitive adhesive film.

Like the two parts of the substrate and pressure sensitive adhesive.

Base material

The substrate of the surface protective film mainly includes paper and plastic film. Paper types such as kraft paper, manila hemp paper, mulberry paper, coated mulberry paper, etc.; plastic film such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyester, polyethylene / polypropylene mixed melt coextrusion, polyethylene / ethylene - Vinyl acetate interpolymer (EVA) co-extruded composite film and the like. The paper substrate has low strength, poor flexibility and opacity, and is not suitable for the production of surface protection films which need to be used for secondary processing materials such as bending, cutting, punching and punching. The application is greatly limited: polyethylene film, etc. The plastic film usually has good transparency and elongation, and has good processability. As a substrate for the surface protective film, it has a wide application range. In principle, pressure sensitive adhesives are used in the production of pressure sensitive adhesive films.

Pressure-sensitive adhesives can be used to produce surface protection films. However, since surface protection films are different from ordinary pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, they are not only required to be adhered well in use, but also require easy removal, and are not allowed when uncovered. There is residual glue on the protected surface. Therefore, there is a strict additional requirement for the pressure sensitive adhesive for the surface protective film. As a basic element of the surface protective film, the adhesive force of the adhesive tape is required > cohesive force > Adhesion, in addition, it is often necessary to set a suitable adhesion force (between 0.1N/25mm~10N/25mm) according to the protection object. Therefore, the surface protection film requires more pressure sensitive adhesive than ordinary pressure sensitive adhesive. The pressure sensitive adhesive for the film is higher, and the technical content of the surface protective film is higher than that of the ordinary pressure sensitive adhesive film. 

We will give a brief introduction to them in tomorrow's article.