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Basic characteristics of protection film for acrylic sheet
- Dec 24, 2018 -

The protection film for acrylic sheet is mainly used to prevent the surface of the acrylic sheet from being damaged or contaminated. With the protection of the protective film, it can be applied to the surface of the protected object until the article is delivered and used. The protective film substrates commonly used on the market include OPP film, PVC film, PET film, PE film, and some high temperature resistant high-end films such as PI film, PEN film and PEEK film.


The protective film substrates commonly used for the use of protection film for acrylic sheets are PET and PE films. Due to the different materials, the processing technology used is not the same. In general, protective film products have some common features, the specific content is:


1. The viscosity is moderate and stable;

2, easy to tear off, and no residue after peeling, no degumming, no shadow;

3, has a certain scratch resistance;

4, the substrate crystal point is within the standard range (high-end electronic protective film requires no crystal point);

5. After the protective film of acrylic sheet is applied for a long time, there should be no bubbles floating or curling;

6, need to have a certain weather resistance when using.