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Anti-scratch film size requirements and wear resistance
- Mar 21, 2019 -

The anti-scratch film is an anti-staining anti-scratch film in the process of operation, the anti-scratch film comprises a transparent support and a transparent anti-scratch layer, and the static contact angle of the surface of the anti-scratch layer with water is greater than 70 °, the composition and content of the transparent hard coating layer are: by weight: 15-85 parts of ultraviolet curing resin; 1-15 parts of photoinitiator; 0.1-10 parts of silicone modified polyacrylate; solvent 15-80 Share. The anti-scratch film can effectively prevent dirt such as dust and oil from adhering to the surface of the film, and can easily wipe off the adhered dirt, in particular, the anti-fouling property is permanent, and can also maintain scratch resistance and Wear resistance.

Anti-scratch film size requirements

The allowable error of the fine product size of the scratch-resistant film is 0.5 mm, and the general product is 1.0 mm. The pressure, the pressure of the ink printing surface, and the ink color should be uniform. The text is imprinted, the fine products should be clear and complete, and there should be no such phenomenon as missing pens. The uniformity of the label print.

For some fine products, the uniformity of the web is greater than 15/16, and the uniformity of the general product is greater than 14/16. From the appearance, but the label printing products should be neat, no paste, nail shadow, dirty marks, no missing strokes. The above are the basic requirements that must be met for high-quality self-adhesive label printing. Only the label prints that meet these requirements can better meet the needs of people.