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Analysis of protective effect of carpet shield protective film
- Nov 08, 2018 -

When protecting the surface of carpets and other products, the most commonly used method is to apply a protective film, that is, a carpet protective film, on the surface of the protected product. In fact, the ratio of the carpet protective film to the entire processing process is small, and it can only be regarded as an auxiliary material used in production.


However, this seemingly inconspicuous carpet shield protective film plays an important role in protecting carpet products. After the protective film is used, not only can the surface quality of the product be effectively protected, but also the price position of the product manufacturer and the sales of the product have a certain positive effect. We know that in fact, carpet products are usually multi-layered structures, which are easy to bury stains and dirt. The protective film can effectively prevent it from being attacked by these dirt.


In summary, the correct use of the carpet protective film not only improves the appearance quality of the carpet product, but also provides convenience for its post-processing, and also increases the production cost of the product, and can also enhance the brand image of the enterprise.