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Analysis of production characteristics and advantages of clear sticky protective film
- Feb 06, 2019 -

The clear sticky protective film is mainly used for surface protection of products with high added value or high quality requirements. Therefore, the protective film product needs to pay attention to more problems in production. It is usually required to be produced in a clean room and is required to ensure high adhesion, high transparency, low crystallinity and good surface flatness.

At the same time, the obtained self-adhesive transparent protective film should have better adhesion performance, easy to be released after bonding, and no residual glue. It should also have a certain degree of stiffness and temperature resistance, and can be used at temperatures below 120 degrees. At present, the product can be used for surface protection of various sheets and injection molded parts; it can also be used for various rough surface protection such as diffusion sheet, light guide plate, explosion-proof film, color steel plate, IMF, etc.

In addition, the clear sticky protective film should also have good toughness and elongation, as well as excellent gloss. At the same time, because the self-adhesive transparent protective film has these excellent features, it can be widely used in the packaging field to provide surface protection.