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Analysis of crystal point problem of PE protective film
- Aug 01, 2018 -

The PE protective film appears crystal point, what is the specific reason?

In the PE protective film, if it has a crystal point, the specific reason is:

Reason 1: The raw materials used in the protective film are not up to standard in cleanliness or are contaminated by dust.

Reason 2: In the selection of raw materials, there is no choice of suitable, or the compatibility between several raw materials is not good, resulting in crystal points.

Reason 3: In the processing of the protective film, the processing temperature is not well controlled, so that the raw material is poorly plasticized, or the plasticization is excessive, thereby generating a crystal point.

Reason 4: There is a problem in the processing equipment, the quality of the equipment itself, or the processing capacity of the equipment is not enough.

This is a common problem in the protective film.

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