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Aluminum surface protective film colloid type
- Nov 17, 2018 -

Ordinary protective film, which is a film-like material with surface protection function from a professional point of view, is also one of the more important products in pressure-sensitive adhesive. The material is usually made of a polyolefin plastic film as a substrate, an acrylate polymer as a matrix resin of a pressure sensitive adhesive, and then processed by a coating machine. Its role is to prevent surface scratches and take a temporary protective measure, and it is widely used in aluminum, aluminum-plastic composite panels, color plates, plexiglass panels, decorative panels and aluminum profiles. Plastic steel profiles, stainless steel coils, etc. on the surface.


The surface protective film of aluminum products, which is aimed at aluminum products on the object of use, has certain limitations in use and is not as extensive as ordinary protective films. However, it is also used on the surface of aluminum products to protect this effect.


The colloid of the aluminum surface protective film is mainly composed of two kinds of pressure-sensitive adhesives such as solvent-based polyacrylate glue and water-soluble polyacrylate glue, and it affects the quality of the protective film. Therefore, the following is a simple understanding. a bit.


Solvent-based polyacrylate adhesive: It uses an organic solvent as a medium to dissolve the acrylic monomer. The colloid is very transparent, and has good aging resistance but low initial tack. In use time, it can be used for about 10 years.

Water-soluble polyacrylate glue: It is water to dissolve acrylic monomer. It should be noted that it is used to avoid contact with water vapor to avoid residual glue. However, it is more environmentally friendly, so there is no need to use a solvent recovery unit.


Aluminum protective film, which can be used as a surface protective film for aluminum products, and has no problem in use. Because aluminum protective film is a kind of protective film, it is made of polyethylene film as the base material, and polyacrylic resin is used as the main material of pressure sensitive adhesive. It is coated with several specific adhesives, which are coated, slit, packaged, etc. Processed, mainly used on the surface of various aluminum materials to protect this effect. Aluminum, which can also be aluminum.