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Aluminum Sheet Protection Film and selection requirements
- Jan 03, 2019 -

PE sheet aluminum protective film is mainly produced through processes such as blown film and coating. Due to the different blown film technology, the PE protective film original film produced will directly affect the quality index such as transparency and stretch of the finished protective film. Therefore, experienced buyers often judge by the transparency of the protective film, the degree of the original film of the protective film, and whether it is yellowish.


These factors often depend on the process of blowing the film during the molding process. At the same time, the quality of the aluminum plate protective film of PE material, the most important factor is the glue of PE protective film. The quality of the glue directly determines the applicable product of the protective film. Nowadays, the commonly used PE protective film glue is made of oil glue and water glue. Oil glue is often used in higher grade products, such as hardware industry.


At the same time, the matching of the aluminum plate protective film of PE material is also very particular, mainly to ensure that the selected protective film is compatible with the actual matching product, the specific requirements are: 1, can not be too light; 2, can not be too heavy; too light It is definitely sticky, and it will cause damage if it is too heavy. Therefore, the choice of material matching is the key.