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Aluminum plate surface protective film
- Feb 28, 2019 -

According to the whole process of smelting and rolling of aluminum sheet in metallurgical plant, packaging, leaving the factory, transporting to the use unit, and feeding the product, the following requirements are imposed on the surface protective film;

(1) has no corrosive effect on aluminum plates,

(2) It has good anti-corrosion performance, and the aluminum plate is sealed for more than two years. The surface of the aluminum plate is not corroded.

(3) Protect the surface from scratches during transportation, storage and processing of aluminum sheets,

(4) It has certain anti-aging properties. After transportation, storage and processing, the protective film can be peeled off from the surface of the aluminum plate without residue or transfer phenomenon;

(5) has a certain transparency,

(6) No irritating organic solvent volatilizes and can be applied under normal environmental conditions.

(7) The price is cheap and there is economic value for promotion.

According to the test requirements, a surface protective film made of a high-pressure polyethylene film as a substrate and coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive was produced. The test and practical application for more than three years proved that the effect was good.