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Adhesion of stainless steel protective film and processing process
- Oct 29, 2018 -

The color of the stainless steel protective film is transparent film, black and white film, opalescent film, black film, blue film. In the process of printing, the trademark and the company name 1-4 colors can be printed on the surface of the film. Viscosity: slightly sticky, low viscosity It is medium-viscous, highly viscous, and highly viscous. Its main feature is its stable adhesion and no residue after peeling.

In the process of processing and manufacturing stainless steel protective film, the suitable raw materials are selected according to the requirements of the product, so that the film produced can reach different viscosity standards, and the user can combine these characteristics when selecting the product. If the viscosity of the film meets the requirements of the actual application, a better fit can be achieved in the process of using the film. In addition, the film can be used in combination with the characteristics of the material. It should be noted that not all films can meet the application standards, and professionals can be responsible for the completion of the film.

In some processing places, after the protective film is selected, it is necessary to effectively perform other processing operations on the film, such as drilling or molding operations on the surface of the film, and these processing methods not only affect the shape of the film. It also affects the characteristics of the viscosity of the film, so it is necessary to select the appropriate product in combination with the processing method and application purpose.