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Acrylic sheet protective film use characteristics and application range
- Dec 01, 2018 -

The viscosity of the acrylic sheet protection film is medium viscosity and high viscosity. When used, the viscosity of the protective sheet can be individually designed according to the surface roughness of the protected object. The acrylic sheet protective film is mainly made of polyethylene material, and its color is used. The types are transparent, milky white, black and white, and the color can also be determined according to the user's requirements or samples.

Acrylic sheet protective film use characteristics

The acrylic sheet protective film has good flexibility, and the coating speed on the surface of the applied profile is fast; the peeling strength increase rate after the board is low; the stability of the protective film pressure sensitive adhesive is good, and there is no residue after being peeled off by the attached product, and it will not be The surface to be protected has an adverse effect.

Acrylic sheet protection film application range

It is mainly used for the surface protection of acrylic sheets, so that it is not scratched during transportation, storage, processing and installation. Acrylic sheet protective film can be designed according to customer's requirements, and can be printed on the surface, trademark, company name, etc., telephone, etc., can print up to 4 colors.

Acrylic adhesive has a very high viscosity, and the adhesive will remain after the adhesive is peeled off. The viscosity of the silicone is relatively low, and there is no residual glue after the tearing. Put the protective film on the surface of the object to be attached, and gently touch the finger with a finger to quickly bond the silicone film with no or less bubbles. The acrylic glue is slow and the bubble is generated.