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Acrylic industry needs to use PE electrostatic protective film
- Jul 20, 2018 -

Acrylic sheet has excellent weather resistance, especially for outdoor use, it is the crown of other plastics, and has good surface hardness and luster. It has large processing plasticity and can be made into various shapes and products. The variety of plates is rich in color (including translucent swatches), and the other feature is that the slabs still maintain high transparency. In the production and transportation process of acrylic, the surface of the acrylic electrostatic protective film is widely used because the acrylic surface is extremely susceptible to scratching and friction. Not only to protect the acrylic from being damaged during the production and transportation process, but also to ensure that the PE protective film is easily and easily torn off after leaving the factory. The conventional rubberized protective film cannot be applied, and this effect can only be achieved by an electrostatic protective film having electrostatic adsorption ability.

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