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About how to choose suitable protective film for stainless steel
- Sep 12, 2018 -

Today we are going to discuss about the protective film on stainless steel. 

Most users don’t know details about stainless steel, such as nail holes, sand holes, dark bone, hoop prints, plate lines, roll mark, masculine and feminine elements angel, waves, loose side, flower head and so on. To some people, these may be just small problems, but in stainless steel salesman’s opinion, these problems are often fatal. In order to prevent the surface from being scratched, we have to use protective films to protect the stainless steel. 

Protective films for stainless steel are divided into several kinds.Such as milky white protective film, blue protective film, black and white protective film and so on. The prices of stainless steel protective film is affected by the thickness. The thicker the film, the higher the price. The thicker the film, the better protection it can provide to the stainless steel surface.

Protective films also vary according to different adhesion, for example, low tack, medium tack and high tack. The adhesion is decided by the different processes of stainless steel products. For example, wire drawing and matte stainless steel mainly use medium tack protective film. Snowflake sand stainless steel normally requires high tack protective film because only high 

adhesion can stick on the snowflake sand grains. 8K plate (mirrored stainless 

steel plate) only requires low tack protective film.

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