• Environmental Friendly

    Through the strong investment of R&D, films from KINGREAL are zero pollution and recyclable due to the craftsmanship without glue.

  • Quality & Flexibility

    Prompt Service and Technical Assistance will be provided to all clients. The highest standards put us on the continuous research and innovation.

  • OEM & ODM Service

    OEM is not the only goal now, KINGREAL is focusing on the ODM to approach new markets and applications.

About Kingreal

KINGREAL is more than 10 years and is a integrated manufacturer who are engaged in producing self adhesive films, where the film and the adhesive system can be extruded in one step which is blow molding. Comparing with the traditional adhesive-coated protective films, it is more healthy and environmental friendly.

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  • 1.Raw Material

    The initial product is polyethylene granulate, which is manufactured to various specifications. Depending on the intended use, the basic materials are mixed with additives in order to obtain certain characteristics.

  • 3.Quality Control

    After the blow molding, where the films and the adhesive system can be extruded in one step, the products should pass a multi-step quality control system.

  • 2.Blowing

    The raw materials are weighed and mixed automatically and then melted in the extruder. The film comes out of the extruder's nozzle in a tubular shape and runs upwards.

  • 4.Slitting and Packaging

    The film can be wound onto smaller rolls or cut to meet specific customer requirements, and then the finished product will be packaged and prepared for dispatch or delivery.